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  • Induction Training

    This induction training programme includes eight half-day workshops for parents on themes related to financial literacy and parents becoming family educators. Here you can download the lesson plans for all workshops. These lesson plans are useful for community and adult educators, as they contain detailed information on how to deliver these workshops to parents, suggested educational activites to complete with parents, what the learning objectives are for the workshops and much more.

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  • In-Service Training

    This in-service traning programme is presented as a trainer manual which contains detailed information on how to provide quality training to community and adult educators, so that they can support the implementation of the PIGGY Bank family learning resources with local families. The learner manual which accompanies this programme acts as a resource to community and adult educators completing this programme. This learner manual will support educators engaged in this training to manage their own learning - both through the delivery of face-to-face workshops and through self-directed online learning.

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