REINTEGRA is a non for profit organization, established in 1999 in town Krnov, in the Czech Republic. It has become a regional market leader in all forms of reintegration into the society and job market.
To develop and implement integration, educational and motivating programs that effectively support employment and integration of different groups of disadvantaged persons in the society and labour market.

To fulfill its mission REINTEGRA carries out these main activities by providing:

  • career guidance services
  • integration modular programs for disadvantaged groups
  • educational courses and programs, including the courses that help to start and run own small business
  • psychological counselling
  • psychological diagnostics regarding career preferences
  • individual support

REINTEGRA work with people from age of 6 when they start compulsory education at school till the final of active carrier life. Yearly we work with more than 500 people. Organization REINTEGRA also regularly participates in national and international projects focused on career guidance, lifelong learning, educational methods, coaching, e-learning, special methods for career counseling, integration programs, etc. Since 2000 Reintegra, as social firm, runs department employing people with disability. Till nowadays is Reintegra respected regional employer with strong links between labour market, VET providers and labour offices. Reintegra provide accredited courses for different groups of students and closely cooperate with other education providers in the region.


Future In Perspective Limited (FIP) is a private company working in the field of adult education, vocational training, e-learning, digital media and social inclusion.

The company provides specific training programmes in the following areas:

  • media production training for young people;
  • digital skills training for young men and women outside the workforce;
  • digital skills training for senior citizens;
  • social media training and customer support training to low-skilled workers to aid worker retention and business growth;
  • entrepreneurship training for young people in the creative industry sector;
  • training for migrants to support integration;

The company generally works to address the needs of those on the margins of society for whom traditional education and second chance education has failed. FIP places a particular emphasis on developing self-directed learning pathways to encourage the educational development of “Free Agent Learners”. FIP harnesses the latest technologies in its service offering affording target group members the opportunity to develop their key competences in accessible blended learning environments.

The company employs 8 full-time and 4 part-time staff with considerable project management, curriculum development, multi-media production, research and administrative experience. It supplements the skills available by drawing on the expertise of a large cohort of volunteers who have expertise spanning a wide range of research, pedagogic, technical and media production categories.


CARDET (Centre For Advancement Of Research And Development In Educational Technology LTD)  is one of the leading research and development centers in the Mediterranean region with global expertise in project design and implementation, capacity building, and e-learning. CARDET is independently affiliated with universities and institutions from around the world, such as the Yale University, the University of Nicosia and the International Council of Educational Media.

CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of capacity building and planning in youth support, education and VET, adult learning, literacies, digital tools, e-Learning, educational technology, and social integration of marginalised groups. CARDET brings together an international team of experts with decades of global expertise in designing, implementing and evaluating international projects. Our team has successfully participated in more than 200 projects in more than 40 countries, several of which were supported by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Program, Microsoft, The Commonwealth of Learning, international agencies and governments around the world. One of our core-strengths is our ability to carefully plan, implement, execute and evaluate projects in various contexts.

The management team is supported by 10 members of the board and advisory board, who are all international veterans in education, business, research, and evaluation.

CARDET currently employees 50 fulltime and part time staff. The majority of the team members hold graduate degrees (Masters and/or Ph.D) in areas of social sciences, business, education, instructional design, web development, and evaluation. We follow a systemic and systematic process in thoroughly planning and executing projects. CARDET is ISO 9001 certified for quality in management, research, and education services.


Callidus – Institute for Adult Education is accredited institute for adult education by The Ministry of Science and Education in Croatia and has a branch Institute in Moldova. As Institute we have created numerous educational programs in the areas of management, personal development, marketing, sales, tourism, gastronomy, finance, business economics, and construction.

Over the past years, Callidus has built sound expertise in project management and has been actively involved in strategic design, operational creation and successful implementation of numerous projects funded by the EU totaling over EUR 10 million. We possess extensive experience and knowhow in writing tender documentation and seeking financial resources which resulted in a successful completion of a dozen ADA, IPA, ESF and Erasmus + projects.

We are leading in educational innovations as well as anticipating market needs. These innovations include educational programs focusing on fulfilling special needs and requirements of adult learners. Callidus has signed partnership agreements with the leading institutions/companies in providing specialized education targeting specific industry preparing their employees as well as unemployed persons registered at the Croatian employment agency according to industry needs.

Education programs are tailored in cooperation with partners from industry. Programs consist of 50% of theory (on-line and on-site training) and 50% practical training in the companies.

Furthermore, our joint efforts with Austrian Development Agency, BFI Vocational Training Institute and Strabag resulted in founding of Construction Academy in Moldova. Our educational endeavors in Balkan region extends also to Serbia where we continue to support educational projects aimed at improving skills of workers in automotive industry. Whole team at Callidus is committed to boosting collaboration with our partners. Overall, in all of our projects we have successfully trained more than 300 adult education coaches, over 100 mentors in companies and more than 4000 satisfied participants and in our business portfolio are some of the largest companies in Croatia and the region.


AEVA (Association for the Education and Valorisation of Aveiro Region) was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organisation to meet the needs of local businesses in tackling skills mismatch by bringing education and the working world closer together.

Currently, the association employs 122 qualified professionals and operates within 13 brands:

  • CITIZENS PROJECTS – the international department of AEVA, has already implemented more than 100 transnational projects under different EU programmes, promoting the development of innovation, students/staff mobility and active citizenship;
  • QUALIFICATION CENTRE – it is a structure of the Portuguese Qualifications System targeting around 1000 adults (21+) per year, and aims to recognise, validate and certify their skills. It also provides guidance to NEETs and promotes a local network for boosting employability;
  • CEO –unit for the inclusion of youngsters and adults with special needs, offering personal, educational and professional guidance and tailored solutions;
  • SERVIR – a volunteer unit, currently with 21 volunteers, offering local qualified intervention and which through the European Volunteering Service promotes international opportunities of mobility;
  • SPREAD.IT – development of innovative learning software and digital resources to support both educational providers and companies;
  • VOUGA FABLAB – local incubator for business development and provision of vocational training with a strong technological component and RD&I. Currently it provides innovative services in the areas of rural and environmental tourism, gastronomy, heath, well-being and rehabilitation;
  • CATEC – a technological camp and RD&I structure to support companies, employment, entrepreneurship and continuous education;
  • QER – a qualification structure on events and catering, offering pedagogical kitchens, bar and restaurant labs, aiming at boosting social enterprising approaches;
  • EUROPE DIRECT Information Centre of Aveiro – since 2012, aiming to provide European citizens with general information on the EU;
  • CENTRAL CHANNEL – regional TV channel which produces and disseminates local programmes with focus on information, education, culture and society;
  • TALENTS PARK – multi-functional space to promote various events and support initiatives from local community and stakeholders;
  • CANAIS – services provider in the field of educational publications and tailored training solutions;
  • EPA – founded in 1992, the Vocational School of Aveiro is the largest private VET school in Portugal with 70 permanent teachers.

The ¨Cultural and Environmental Association Permacultura Cantabria¨ develops its main activity in the Pasiegan Valleys (Cantabria, northern Spain). Like other rural areas of the country, Cantabria is characterized by an aging and declining population, high rates of unemployment and scarce opportunities for the social participation or learning of its inhabitants.

In this beautiful setting, more than 15 years ago, a group of professionals began to meet and organize activities in their community. Their goals were to investigate alternatives to achieve a sustainable culture, to take care of each other and to enjoy what they did.

The intention of Permacultura Cantabria was to, little by little, create an international reference platform, based on ecological and healthy systems, which could help to generate enthusiasm and enrich society, which they appreciated as numb and without hope, due to the lack of references. In order to do so, they created an experimental, sustainable and self-sufficient property, in which they have hosted many volunteers, organised many courses and group activities.

Watch this video to know more about our beginnings:

Today Permacultura Cantabria is recognized as an NGO of public interest. It regularly collaborates with institutions, educational centers and socioeconomic fabric of Cantabria, with more than 20 employees. In addition to Cantabria, the NGO has programs and personnel in other autonomous communities of the Spanish territory, such as Madrid or Valencia.

The growth experienced by the association in recent years has not changed its socio-environmental vocation and the entity continues to try to offer new alternatives to improve society, recover values and the benchmarks of a naturally balanced way of life.

We want a sustainable and inclusive rural world, formed by cheerful, conscious and empowered people.

To provide tools and opportunities for the population such as children, youth, adults and multipliers which improve their education, welfare and participation in nowadays society.

VALUES (inspired by the Permaculture Ethics):

  • environmental sustainability (Earth Care)
  • emotional management (People Care)
  • social inclusion (Fair Share)


The Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB) is the umbrella organisation for general and vocational adult learning. Membership of SVEB includes private and state schools, associations, as well as regional officials in charge of adult learning. SVEB groups over 700 members. SVEB has permanent secretariats in German-, French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland. 

SVEB develops innovative projects in the field of lifelong learning for various target groups (low skilled workers and adults with a basic skills need, migrants, women and elderly people). SVEB has also developed and currently runs a professional “train the trainer system” and a quality system for adult education providers (eduQua). Both systems are today vital pillars of the Swiss adult education sector.

Furthermore, SVEB promotes cooperation among adult learning institutions and creates awareness of the importance of adult learning.

SVEB is also involved in various research projects on matters relating to adult learning. The main points of emphasis are the structural and organisational development of the adult education system.

SVEB participates in the project as a self-financing partner supported by the Swiss National Agency Movetia.